Photo Credit: Steve Belkowitz

Jeremy Koven

About Me:

An Ithaca College graduate with a background and interest in media production. My work experience is varied and includes both scripted and non scripted television as well as advertising and digital media.  My projects have ranged from realty TV to soap operas to print photography campaigns in both NYC and Philadelphia. 

I'm extremely detail oriented, love a good challenge and am always looking at the next step while adhering to deadlines.  

I have familiarity with business affairs matters regarding paid talent, music rights, and overall media usage.  Additionally, I can advise on fees for all phases of media production.  That includes still photography, motion , audio/radio, and digital media. 

On the side, I love emerging technology, social media, sports and am an early adopter. 

Most recently I worked as a project manager on the TD Bank account at Tierney Communications